9-hole course in the midst of the breathtaking Swiss Alpine landscape

A real highlight awaits golf enthusiasts on the Riederalp: the golf course with its 9 holes not only offers an exciting challenge, but also a stunning backdrop of the Swiss Alps. Golfers of all levels can improve their game here and enjoy the majestic beauty of nature at the same time. An unforgettable golfing experience that will make hearts beat faster!

Did you know?

At higher altitudes, such as on the Riederalp, golf balls can fly further than in lower-lying areas. This is mainly due to the thinner air at higher altitudes, which offers less air resistance. As a result, golf balls can reach a higher speed and therefore fly further. This phenomenon makes playing golf in the mountains a unique experience, where golfers can often experience longer tee shots and impressive trajectories.

Tee time and courses

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If you have any further questions, you can also contact Dominik. He has been playing golf since he was a child and will be happy to help you.